Fringe is a Fun and Affordable Women’s Accessories Boutique

Our boutique stocks a limited number of each item in both current trends and classic accessories. We make sure you are happy with the price and that you have a unique piece. Our quaint shop is supported by a friendly team of people who are always happy to help you find something special, select a gift or find that right item to complete your outfit.

Have You Ever Felt Like You Have A Closet Full Of Clothes And Nothing To Wear? You are not alone! I know exactly how that feels. But I found that what I really had was a closet full of clothes and nothing to spice them up. What a difference the right necklace or scarf can make!

People Often Ask How I Got The Idea To Open Fringe. This is how it happened: I was getting dressed with a friend to go out one evening. She asked me where I kept my fun jewelry? I realized I didn’t have any fun jewelry, only fine jewelry! You know how fine jewelry is; tasteful, small and EXPENSIVE! It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to dress, I just thought I couldn’t afford it. It was that same week that I found Fringe. I started shopping there, accessorizing and loved the experience! Compliments came pouring in on my new accessories! I finally had fun jewelry!

I Was A Loyal Customer At Fringe And There Was An Opportunity To Buy The Business. I love fashion and the whole experience at Fringe so I decided to became the owner! Now I help others discover new options, experience style transformation and continue their fashion journey. A visit to Fringe is always fun and makes accessorizing easy. Fringe is the fun stuff! Everyone has enough stress in their lives and our goal is to make a trip to Fringe put back some fun and playfulness in our customers lives.

We Welcome You And Are Excited For You To Visit Us At Fringe! My team and I look forward to meeting you! We will assist you however we can during your visit with us. Follow the instructions on our Contact page to find our location or to give us a call, email or just to know where we are to stop into the store.

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon!