Fringe is a Fun and Affordable Women’s Accessories Boutique

Do You Ever Feel Like You Have A Closet Full Of Clothes And Nothing To Wear? You are not alone! Buying new clothes is not always the best answer. Maybe what you need is something to spice up what you already own!

At Fringe, we can show you what a difference the right necklace or scarf can make. We offer an ever-changing selection of fun, affordable, and fashionable accessories, in both on-trend and classic styles. If you let us know what you are looking for, we’ll do our best to locate it. Our goal is to make sure you find affordable, unique jewelry that you will love, every time you visit us.

It’s what we do!

People Often Ask How I Got The Idea To Open Fringe. One night I was getting dressed for a big night out with my friend. She asked me where I kept my fun jewelry. I realized I only had fine jewelry. You know how fine jewelry is – tasteful, small, and EXPENSIVE!

That same week I found the wonderfully affordable Fringe. I started shopping there, and loved the compliments that came pouring in about my new look. I finally had fun jewelry!

I Was A Loyal Customer At Fringe And There Was An Opportunity To Buy The Business. I’ve always loved fashion, so when the opportunity to buy the business came up, I decided to become the owner. Now I get to help others experience style transformation to continue their own fashion journey.

I carefully curate the ever-changing collection at Fringe. I work with vendors to find the best pieces at the best prices to meet our customer’s needs. I invite you to visit our Parisian-inspired boutique, see what we have on hand today, and have some fun!

We Welcome You And Are Excited For You To Visit Us At Fringe! My team and I look forward to meeting you! We will assist you however we can during your visit. Feel free to contact us through our  Contact page  or drop in.

Thanks for visiting our website, see you soon!

Kristin Zazula